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How to open a Wine Bottle

Oh no…

As you might already know, I am a planner par excellence. When I started my roadtrip through Europe early March 2018, I even posted a checklist for everyone planning to go on a longer journey with a motorhome. However, I forgot to bring one of the most important items – a corkscrew. Oh no!

So, you start to become creative when you are sitting comfortably in your camping chair in Greece overlooking the Adriatic Sea at sunset. With a cold rose wine bottle in your fridge. Without a bottle opener…

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Doing Laundry in a Motorhome

Somehow this question is one of the first to come up when I tell people that I am living full time in a motorhome. And that’s a good point. At home you have the comfort of doing your laundry whenever it is the best time for you. When camping you have to plan more and be more flexible if you don’t want to run around in dirty clothes. So let me tell you more about the options you have living on the road.

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Replace a mirror – do it yourself!

Shit happens…

Did you ever have to replace your RV mirror?! Well, I had to a couple of times already. Shit happens. And if it does you just have to deal with it.

To be exact, I had the pleasure with it three times in my camper life so far. One time I entirely lost my driver’s side mirror as another camper cut my lane on a narrow coastal street in Croatia.

Broken mirror in Croatia

I cannot even exactly replicate the other two incidences as I seemed to be hitting an overhanging street sign or tree on small streets and then damaged my passenger side mirrors. Scratches and lost turn signals were the result.

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Countdown & Final Last Checks

Only two more days!

Today is Sunday, March 4th 2018 and we have only two more days until we will leave on our Europe Trip. Two more days! Time has been running lately the closer we come to our leaving date, and I just realized how much there is still to organize and prepare. Here is the final countdown, so I am happy to share our latest checklists, new vehicle updates and also challenges over the last couple of days.

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What you need to keep your dog safe

No travel without Chip!

Those who have their dog chipped care for a lifelong distinctive identification of the animal. The rice grain-sized chip or transponder (about 12 x 2 mm) is injected by the veterinarian by means of a suitable injection needle under the skin in the neck area and remains lifelong in the tissue. The small silicon chip contains a 15-digit number. This is unique in the world and with a reader device, can be read by every vet globally. If you are travelling through Europe, the labelling is now legally mandatory.

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Propane & Heater

Cooking, Heater & Hot Water 101

In this post, you will learn how to manage gas supply in your motorhome.

As standard set, RVs have mostly one, usually two bottles à 11 kg gas loaded. This gas heats up the boiler, operates the heating for air and water, the stove and cools down the fridge. Possibly, if available, the grill and the oven as well.

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Water & Waste

Shower, Toilet, Fresh & Waste Water 101

This section is for the ones who are not experienced RV campers but need information and are considering to explore this kind of travel. You might ask yourself how water supply management works on the road.

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Power & Electricity

Electric kettle, hairdryer & Mobile Phone 101

You don’t want to pass on your luxury items while camping? Then you need power supply for your electronic devices. How does that work?

My RV has just as most motorhomes two batteries for the main power supply. One in the driving and one in the living area. These get charged by either driving or when the motorhome is connected to external electricity. On campsites or parking spaces, there is usually power outlets where you can connect to.

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What’s your motorhome like?

Choices & Decisions

I bought my RV in 2014 and still don’t regret that decision. Why did I decide for this exact model? Well, I can tell you I did research over an over again, went to motorhome and camping stores, checked reviews, got all the details you need to know but at the end my list of decision criteria was pretty clear. If you are planning on purchasing a new or used RV yourself, here is a list for you.

Of course, this is my own personal opinion and yes, maybe also strongly led by a women’s opinion, but it might give you some direction in the jungle of offerings out there in the market.

My home on wheels

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Let me introduce you to my RV

Maybe it’s a women’s thing but my RV needed to have a name.

Hello, My name is Otto…

Here we go, let me introduce you to Otto, my faithful and so far always reliable travel companion on the road.

I have always enjoyed the feeling of freedom through travelling with a RV. It’s your home on wheels. Yes, smaller but much more flexible. Whenever you have the urge to get out, it’s a great option to get into your second homebase and hit the road.

So in 2014 I decided to buy myself a RV. It was love on the first sight and still is. Otto.

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