Cooking, Heater & Hot Water 101

In this post, you will learn how to manage gas supply in your motorhome.

As standard set, RVs have mostly one, usually two bottles à 11 kg gas loaded. This gas heats up the boiler, operates the heating for air and water, the stove and cools down the fridge. Possibly, if available, the grill and the oven as well.

Most gas is needed for hot water and heating. Cooking does not really need much, as using gas is much faster than electric power and you usually don’t have dinner parties to serve in your RV – except for BBQs.

While driving, gas bottles always have to be turned off in case of an accident or crash. However, I installed a crash protection system that allows me to leave gas on during driving. The advantage here is that you are not using battery power for keeping the fridge cool while you are on the road.

In Winter, a bottle is just enough for about three days but in Summer you come along with two bottles easily for two to four weeks. If a bottle is empty, it can usually be exchanged at campgrounds or gas stations for a charge. If you are travelling through Europe, I do recommend a gas bottle adapter set, as the size of the connectors are not standardized and vary from country to country. These adapters are low price and can be purchased for and definitely useful to carry with you.