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Countdown & Final Last Checks

Only two more days!

Today is Sunday, March 4th 2018 and we have only two more days until we will leave on our Europe Trip. Two more days! Time has been running lately the closer we come to our leaving date, and I just realized how much there is still to organize and prepare. Here is the final countdown, so I am happy to share our latest checklists, new vehicle updates and also challenges over the last couple of days.

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What you need to keep your dog safe

No travel without Chip!

Those who have their dog chipped care for a lifelong distinctive identification of the animal. The rice grain-sized chip or transponder (about 12 x 2 mm) is injected by the veterinarian by means of a suitable injection needle under the skin in the neck area and remains lifelong in the tissue. The small silicon chip contains a 15-digit number. This is unique in the world and with a reader device, can be read by every vet globally. If you are travelling through Europe, the labelling is now legally mandatory.

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