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Greece – My Top 5 Highlights


Greece – I love you! You have been wonderful to Fiete and me.  We will come back – promised!

Fiete and I have been spending almost two months in Greece from March through April 2018. We started coming from Tirana in Albania over to Thessaloniki, Macedonia and Chalkidiki. From there we looped back to Thessaloniki to go further South along the coast visiting the Pélion and Athens. From there we took the route through Peleponnese over to Delphi and Meteora until we finished off in Igoumenitsa to take the ferry to Bari in Italy.

Greece – Meteora

Rocks, Monestaries & Monks

When you think of Greece the first thing that comes to mind are the beautiful turquoise beaches, fishing boats and tzatziki.

But there is a lot more to this fragmented country. In the center of its mountainous region, near the Pindus valley, lays a small area with fascinating and oddly-shaped rock formations and monestaries built in and on top of cliffs. Meteora.

Greece – Delphi

Apollo, Zeus and the center of the Earth

Delphi was one of my top ancient attractions in Greece – very unique and majestic. A two hours drive from Athens and right around the corner of Meteora.

It is located between the rugged peak of Mount Parnassus and a spectacular valley of cypress and olive trees and is regarded by ancient Greeks as the most sacred site in the world. So of course I had to go and visit.

This is also the place where I decided that it’s time for a new start, which you can read all about in my other blog post. So yes, this place is very special.

Greece – my favorite campsites


Today is our last day in Greece because we are taking the ferry from Igoumenitsa to Bari in Italy for more camping adventures on the other side of the Adriatic Sea. As Fiete and I were in this beautiful country for a couple of weeks in March and April 2018, we not only met wonderful people but also checked out a couple of campsites along our route. In case you are planning this or a similar itinerary, these are our top spots to stay and why.

Greece – a Weekend in Athens

It’s my Birthday!

Wohooo – it’s my birthday and my husband is flying in from Hamburg to Athens to celebrate this special occasion with me and Fiete. What a wonderful change of scenary from cruising with the motorhome along the coast of Greece by myself.

Greek for Beginners

Get connected

Anytime I am travelling, I try to not only explore as much as possible being in a different country, I am also convinced that you should meet and connect to local people.

Actively approach them, get to know them, show honest interest, ask them about their culture, be open minded and always friendly. And do not expect them to approach you. You will have to make the first step. This includes trying to speak their language. Yes, it feels awkward because you are out of your comfort zone. Just get over it. I promise you, it is worth the experience.

Tolls in Greece

As you can see on my live map, I have been travelling from the Northern West coast of Greece through the inlands to Thessaloniki and Macedonia over tho Halkidiki and now Thessaly on may way to Athens.

I can tell you I am really surprised about the high tolls I had to pay already – overall more then 150 Euros. More reason for me to dig into the system of toll fees deeper and share my experiences of my research with you.

Greeks Rock!

German Planning and Greek Coolness

Even though I am not on the road yet, I just wanted to leave a short review on Greece as there will be more to come over the next couple of months. What I noticed is that – even right in the middle of planning my Route 2018 – Greek people seem to be extraordinarily friendly and helpful that it is worth a separate post: