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Croatia – my favorite Campsites


As Fiete and I were in Croatia in March 2018, we were not only discovering great new places such as islands & cities or the stunning National Park Plitvice Lakes, we also checked out some campsites along our route.

I am happy to share my experiences on all the campsites we have stayed at with you in case you are planning this or a similar trip along the beautiful coast of Croatia.

Tolls in Croatia

As you can see on my live map, I have been travelling from Germany through Czech Republic and Slovenia over to the Croatian coast on my way to Greece.

Let me toll you more about the toll system in Croatia.

Croatia – Plitvice Lakes National Park


Crossing Germany, Czech Republic and Austria on my way to Greece, I had a three week stay in Croatia Рfrom island hopping to sightseeing in cities such as Zagreb and Dubrovnik.

Of course, I did not miss out on a short detour to the inlands on my way from Krk to Zadar to explore the famous Plitvice Lakes National Park.

Oh wow – what a beauty and a totally different world right in the middle of Europe. But let me tell you all about this very special place.

Croatia – Island Hopping & Cities

Route & Highlights

It was the beginning of March 2018, and you can possibly imagine how much I was looking forward to get out of the cold in Germany, Czech Republic and Austria. My route took me from Graz over to Zagreb РHello Croatia! Wait a second Рsnow?!  Yep, that was pretty much of a surprise. The inland of Croatia just got hit by a winter storm with over 1 meter of new, fresh bright white snow. And I was right in the middle of it Рon Summer tires.

Snow in Croatia – what a surprise!

So I decided to quickly drive over to the coastal line, where the weather got much milder with temperatures between 10 and even 18 degrees Celsius. Istria and the islands Cres and Krk were definitely my route highlights followed by Plitvice Lakes and further along the beautiful coastal route with my final destination Dubrovnik.

Overall, I spent three weeks in Croatia with almost 15 hours on the road making distance on my way to Greece with over 1.000 kilometers.

Here is my super scenic route in detail: