Let’s just go and not come back for a while…

2018 is a special year as I am taking some time off my daily work life. I will be  spending my time travelling through Europe and I am happy for you to come and join my different destinations and adventures.

As my RV is equipped with a GPS tracking system, you can follow my route almost in realtime on this map:

Blue dots indicate my current location, whereas green stars not only show you one of the last destinations, but also the matching blog post to it. Red Hearts are my personal Hot Spots – let it be for the nature & landscape, outstanding campsites and places to stay or simply special people I met on my journey.

Adventures start where plans end

My travel route for 2018 is pretty much open and my stays will depend on where ever it is warm, sunny, close to beaches & seas – and where the food is yummy. I want to enjoy my upcoming adventures by as less upfront scheduling as possible – even though I am German and I love to structure, organize and plan. But they say real adventures start where you stop planning. So here we go. Of course, there is a rough route which includes a couple of destinations and stops.

I will be leaving from Hamburg, Germany early March 2018 onto my first destination Greece. From there, I will take the ferry over to Italy, cruise around Sicily, the West coast and of course Toscana. I will come back to Germany in June for some business and private meetings – but just to immediately continue my route up North to Scandinavia.  End goal here will be the famous North Cape (which you cannot see in the picture below).

Route 1: Greece, Italy and Scandinavia

Coming from Scandinavia, I will explore the Netherlands and the French coast down on my way to Portugal and Spain. By late Fall 2018, I might continue my journey back home – for now. We will see.

Route 2: South of Spain and back

The total route through Europe in 2018 will probably put an extra 25.000 kilometers of milage on my tachometer with an estimated total of 200 net hours spent on the road with my RV.

We will see whether or not the saying

Travel is not defined by the miles you cover

…is true or not. Stay tuned for my frequent travel updates!