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How to open a Wine Bottle

Oh no…

As you might already know, I am a planner par excellence. When I started my roadtrip through Europe early March 2018, I even posted a checklist for everyone planning to go on a longer journey with a motorhome. However, I forgot to bring one of the most important items – a corkscrew. Oh no!

So, you start to become creative when you are sitting comfortably in your camping chair in¬†Greece¬†overlooking the Adriatic Sea at sunset. With a cold rose wine bottle in your fridge. Without a bottle opener…

Replace a mirror – do it yourself!

Shit happens…

Did you ever have to replace your RV mirror?! Well, I had to a couple of times already. Shit happens. And if it does you just have to deal with it.

To be exact, I had the pleasure with it three times in my camper life so far. One time I entirely lost my driver’s side mirror as another camper cut my lane on a narrow coastal street in Croatia.

Broken mirror in Croatia

I cannot even exactly replicate the other two incidences as I seemed to be hitting an overhanging street sign or tree on small streets and then damaged my passenger side mirrors. Scratches and lost turn signals were the result.