Electric kettle, hairdryer & Mobile Phone 101

You don’t want to pass on your luxury items while camping? Then you need power supply for your electronic devices. How does that work?

My RV has just as most motorhomes two batteries for the main power supply. One in the driving and one in the living area. These get charged by either driving or when the motorhome is connected to external electricity. On campsites or parking spaces, there is usually power outlets where you can connect to.

If the motorhome is connected to the electricity, you also have 220 volts inside which is super convenient. If you are travelling or not connected to the power, the voltage in the electrical system is only 12V. That’s a lot less, but the batteries last longer. Refrigerator, light, TV, water pump, etc. are all optimized for 12 volts. You can even charge mobile phones with just 12V.

However, a coffee maker, water boiler hair dryer  do not run on 12 volts, so you need external power supply. You could put in an inverter that converts 12V to 220V, but that takes a lot of capacity, and the batteries run out pretty fast. So I suggest to don’t even bother.

My RV batteries last about two days, if I don’t charge them in between. So whenever I am on the road for a couple of days, I need to save power for more miles. Welcome to Camping – this means to prioritize your personal luxury items.