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Rostock – Harbor, Fischbrötchen and Seven Landmarks


After discovering the forbidden island Wustrow, Fiete and I made our way further along the Baltic coast and made a quick stop in Rostock.

Wustrow – The Forbidden Island

“Danger to Life”

Our first stop around the Baltic Sea was Kühlungsborn in the Eastern part of Germany. This destination turned out to become a big adventure…

Sightseeing Stop in Dresden

From Leipzig to Prague

After our first destination Leipzig, we travelled further to Prague on our way to the South of Europe. In the middle of the route, we had to stop in Dresden to check off our travel bucket list and use the day for some sightseeing. What a great decision! I did not expect such a pretty city and could have stayed a full day or more. But one after the other…

Fiete doing sightseeing in Dresden

First Destination Leipzig

We are on the Road

Wow – this is actually happening! We started our Route 2018 today. After months of planning and pure excitement we are finally on the road on our trip through Europe.

Germany – Northern Coast

Route & Highlights

I just love the Northern Coast of Germany. This is my home and where my heart is. Growing up and living in Hamburg, Germany I visited almost every beach spot from the North to the Baltic Sea. Over the last ten years I’ve spent mostly long weekends standing with the RV right at varying beaches, listening to crushing waves, grouching seagulls and sometimes even laughing seals.