Ferry Ride across the Baltic Sea

Fiete and I spent a couple of wonderful weeks in the Baltics, from Poland to Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Time to see the other side of the sea and take the ferry to Stockholm. Hejhej Sverige!

We decided for the Tallink ferry from Tallinn in Estonia to Stockholm overnight and were impressed how much comfort the ship had to offer.

Tallink ferry from Tallinn to Stockholm

From restaurants, bars and entertainment areas to karaoke and live bands. It really felt like a mini cruise. And the sunset. Hello, what is more romantic than a sunset on the sea?

After a 17 hour ferry ride, Fiete and I woke up in Stockholm in the morning. Off the ship and here we go. One of my favourite cities in Europe right in front of us. Ready to be explored. Pure excitement!

We parked at the port of Stockholm on the peninsula Kungsholmen on a small street to spend the night. Just look at what I call Princess Parking at its best.

Princess Parking at its best in Stockholm

The walk into the city center of Stockholm was easily done within 15 minutes.

So let’s have a look how Fiete and I spent our day in Stockholm and what you have to see once you are here.

Explore & Discover

Our route from the motorhome parking spot took us right to the Stadshuset over to the Old Town, the Royal Palace, a beautiful park Kungsträdgarden and back to the port.


What has a wonderful name in Swedish doesn’t mean any less than City Hall.

Built between 1911 and 1923 in the style of Swedish national romance, the Stadshuset is one of Sweden’s best-known and most memorable buildings.

Stadhuset – Stockholm’s City Hall

In addition to its function as the seat of the city government, the Stockholm City Hall attracts international attention every year primarily because the feast is held here on the occasion of the awarding of the Nobel Prizes.

At the foot of the town hall, there are many boat trips departing, if you want to explore Stockholm from the seaside.

Many locals also sat there on the shore and threw their fishing rods in the water to catch one of the many salmons. Very authentic.

Our way led us on a promenade along the shore, until we reached the old town island “Gamla Stan” over a bridge.

Gamla Stan

The old town is dotted with cobbled and narrow streets going wildly up and down with countless local small shops.

There is something to see and discover on every corner.

Gamla Stand  

The streets of Gamla Stan may be packed with tourists but they are equally packed with history and lined with extraordinarily beautiful buildings. It’s remarkable that it has survived to the modern day in such a well preserved condition.

Fiete was the best tour guide sniffing his way to find the smallest alleys with less other tourists as possible. Good job, boy! 

More narrow streets

On the larger squares, cafes and restaurants have their tables set up and invite you to linger and sit in the sun.

As Fiete and I passed through the magnificent Stortorget Plats, people sat sipping chilled wine in the late afternoon. What a fantastic scenary.

Stortorget Plats

Around the corner from the Stortorget is the Storkyrkan, Stockholm’s cathedral.

Kungliga Slottet

The castle or the Royal City Palace (Kungliga Slottet) is just around the corner of Gamla Stan. It was built in the first half of the 18th century, after a devastating fire in 1697 had largely destroyed its predecessor.

It doesn’t really look like a castle as you might picture it from Disney and fairy tails. It is more a square collection of buildings without any frills.

Kungliga Slottet

Anyone who likes jagged marching music and glittering uniforms should not miss the spectacle of changing the guards which only happens in summer and is supposed to be a spectacle.


One legend is that this beautiful park area named Kungsträdgarden or colloquially known as Kungsan right next to the Royal Palace was the former vegetable garden of the royal sovereignty.


Today, the park’s central location and its outdoor cafés makes it one of the most popular hangouts and meeting places in Stockholm. It also hosts open-air concerts and events in summer. A really nice and chilled place to hang out, especially when it gets hot in the city.


After seeing so much of Stockholm, Fiete and I made our way back to the motorhome, which was parked in Kungsholmen.

This is primarily a residential island with lots of lively restaurants, bars, and cafés. And boats, lots of pretty old and new boats around.

If you continue past the City Hall you can actually stroll around the whole island along the water.

What a wonderful day

Time for Fiete and I to go back to the motorhome, have some dinner, sit outside on a bench, listen to seagulls and the sound of waves and boats and remember our wonderful day in Stockholm. Tack Sverige!

We will leave to Skogskyrkogården tomorrow which is one of the Unesco World heritage and the cemetery of Stockholm. But just to continue our route along the coast through Sweden on our way to Denmark.