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Estonia – Fun Facts about Food

Funny Estonians

On my way from Tallinn to Stockholm by ferry, I met a bartender who was very familiar with the Estonian culture and especially with the local humor. He made me laugh out so loud that I just have to share it with you.

Lithuania – Sightseeing Shortlist

Facts about Lithuania

Lithuania as travel destination is still an insider tip but more and more tourists are recognizing the beauty of the southernmost Baltic country. For a reason.

Rostock – Harbor, Fischbrötchen and Seven Landmarks


After discovering the forbidden island Wustrow, Fiete and I made our way further along the Baltic coast and made a quick stop in Rostock.

Greek for Beginners

Get connected

Anytime I am travelling, I try to not only explore as much as possible being in a different country, I am also convinced that you should meet and connect to local people.

Actively approach them, get to know them, show honest interest, ask them about their culture, be open minded and always friendly. And do not expect them to approach you. You will have to make the first step. This includes trying to speak their language. Yes, it feels awkward because you are out of your comfort zone. Just get over it. I promise you, it is worth the experience.

Croatia – Island Hopping & Cities

Route & Highlights

It was the beginning of March 2018, and you can possibly imagine how much I was looking forward to get out of the cold in Germany, Czech Republic and Austria. My route took me from Graz over to Zagreb – Hello Croatia! Wait a second – snow?!  Yep, that was pretty much of a surprise. The inland of Croatia just got hit by a winter storm with over 1 meter of new, fresh bright white snow. And I was right in the middle of it – on Summer tires.

Snow in Croatia – what a surprise!

So I decided to quickly drive over to the coastal line, where the weather got much milder with temperatures between 10 and even 18 degrees Celsius. Istria and the islands Cres and Krk were definitely my route highlights followed by Plitvice Lakes and further along the beautiful coastal route with my final destination Dubrovnik.

Overall, I spent three weeks in Croatia with almost 15 hours on the road making distance on my way to Greece with over 1.000 kilometers.

Here is my super scenic route in detail:

Prague – the not so “Golden” City

First foreign country stop on this trip

After starting our trip through Europe, we have only discovered cities such as Leipzig and Dresden in Germany so far. We were therefore super excited to explore Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic. Different culture, different language, different currency – this is what it feels like visiting a foreign country. For the first time on this 2018 trip. Unfortunately, I was very disappointed and my pleasant anticipations for this city have overall not been met. But let me tell you more about it.

First Destination Leipzig

We are on the Road

Wow – this is actually happening! We started our Route 2018 today. After months of planning and pure excitement we are finally on the road on our trip through Europe.

Denmark – Rød Pølse, Mermaids & The South Seas

Route & Highlights

Denmark is just a short distance destination from Germany and yet so different. When I just got my RV in 2014 I wanted to go on a longer trip to get used to the vehicle but didn’t want to be too far from home in case something happens. So I picked Denmark with its islands also called as the “Danish South Seas” or Sydfynske Øhav in Danish.

Ferry from Fehmarn to Rødby

Venice – O Sole Mio!

Route & Highlights

It’s Summer, it’s hot and I am cruising through Bavaria in Germany. So why not go on a little side trip? Time for Bella Italia!

On the way to North Italy, I crossed the Alps on the route from Germany to Bozen and Rovereto. Oh dog! What an adventure and definitely worth a trip. The first sightseeing destination was Venice. O Sole Mio! You better be ready for Fiete and me.

Germany – Northern Coast

Route & Highlights

I just love the Northern Coast of Germany. This is my home and where my heart is. Growing up and living in Hamburg, Germany I visited almost every beach spot from the North to the Baltic Sea. Over the last ten years I’ve spent mostly long weekends standing with the RV right at varying beaches, listening to crushing waves, grouching seagulls and sometimes even laughing seals.