After discovering the forbidden island Wustrow, Fiete and I made our way further along the Baltic coast and made a quick stop in Rostock.

This Hanseatic city right on the river Warnow covers an area of ​​almost 182 square kilometers and has about 206,000 inhabitants. The city comprises 31 districts and 21 city areas.

One of the most famous districts is probably Warnemünde. The Baltic Sea resort boasts the widest sandy beach on the coast and the country’s most important cruise port.

Warnemünde Beach

Rostock has a lot to offer and is definitely a must-stop on our way along the Baltic Sea. So let’s check out this wonderful city further.

City of Seven Landmarks

Did you know that Rostock is also called the city of seven landmarks?

There are 7 churches here, whose seven bells go on at the same time. The town hall has seven peaks on the roof. The beautiful St. Mary’s Church has seven towers. The big market has seven streets and seven gates are leading into the city. In addition, there are seven lime trees in the rose garden in Rostock and seven merchant bridges on the beach. Lucky number seven in Rostock!

Strandkorb City

I told you all about the tradition of Strandkörbe along the Northern coast of German already. Interestingly, these popular and charming beach chairs were invented in Rostock.

Typical Strandkorb

So definitely another reason to come here. But there is one more attraction among many others…

Rostock city harbor

The historic harbor, the Stadthafen, is a trendy place and a Mecca for connoisseurs. Quaint pubs, cafes and restaurants can be found in the old storage buildings along the harbor.

Rostock City Harbor

There is also the largest floating museum in Germany. On board of the traditional ship “PEACE” you can experience the whole world of seafaring and shipbuilding. Nearby you can see the big icebreaker ship “Stephan Jantzen”, which is no longer in service today. But it serves as an authentic scenery for my motorhome.


You just have to get them here. Traditional fish on a bun. I went to a small bar along the city harbor and what can I say – yum! Even Fiete loved it.


With a Fischbrötchen in my hand, I am steering my motorhome onto our next stop along the Baltic Sea. Gdansk in Poland.

Stay tuned and see you soon!