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Sweden – A Day in Stockholm

Ferry Ride across the Baltic Sea

Fiete and I spent a couple of wonderful weeks in the Baltics, from Poland to Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Time to see the other side of the sea and take the ferry to Stockholm. Hejhej Sverige!

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Reclaim your Self

Thoughts from Eva Assmuth

From today on, you will frequently see more Coaching posts on Digging Dog, as Fiete and I are taking a little break from our vanlife for the rest of the Summer 2018.

I am thrilled and honored to announce that my friend Eva Assmuth contributes first with an amazingly open article on how to reclaim your Self. Eva is a Life and Business Coach supporting women in their personal and professional careers.

She gives people a different perspective, gets into the helicopter to analyze better where they are at and is simply a wonderful, inspiring friend to me. So let’s see what Eva has to say about taking risk, being different, finding yourself and how to actively live authenticity.

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Estonia – Fun Facts about Food

Funny Estonians

On my way from Tallinn to Stockholm by ferry, I met a bartender who was very familiar with the Estonian culture and especially with the local humor. He made me laugh out so loud that I just have to share it with you.

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Estonia – Medieval Tallinn

Tallinn – Not only a Ferry Port

Tallinn in Estonia was Fiete’s and my last destination on our tour along the Baltics.

I honestly thought this was just a city with a ferry port where people leave to Stockholm or Helsinki from. Oh, if I would only have done my homework upfront, I would have known that Tallinn is not only the capital of Estonia, but also very well known for its medieval town.

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Lithuania – Sightseeing Shortlist

Facts about Lithuania

Lithuania as travel destination is still an insider tip but more and more tourists are recognizing the beauty of the southernmost Baltic country. For a reason.

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Detour around Russia – Visa required!

Kaliningrad & Russia

Ha, I caught myself again. Yes, I am such a planner and detailed oriented when it comes to planning my travel routes. But shortly after my visit to Gdansk, I realized that it is impossible to drive along the coast further to Lithuania without crossing a small piece of Russia. Kaliningrad.

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Poland – Strolling through Gdansk

Gdansk & Danzig

If you follow my blog frequently, you know that Fiete and I are currently cruising along the Baltic coast starting in Germany and leading us to countries such as Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The Baltics. And Scandinavia.

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Rostock – Harbor, Fischbrötchen and Seven Landmarks


After discovering the forbidden island Wustrow, Fiete and I made our way further along the Baltic coast and made a quick stop in Rostock.

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Wustrow – The Forbidden Island

“Danger to Life”

Our first stop around the Baltic Sea was Kühlungsborn in the Eastern part of Germany. This destination turned out to become a big adventure…

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Let me introduce you to my RV

Maybe it’s a women’s thing but my RV needed to have a name.

Hello, My name is Otto…

Here we go, let me introduce you to Otto, my faithful and so far always reliable travel companion on the road.

I have always enjoyed the feeling of freedom through travelling with a RV. It’s your home on wheels. Yes, smaller but much more flexible. Whenever you have the urge to get out, it’s a great option to get into your second homebase and hit the road.

So in 2014 I decided to buy myself a RV. It was love on the first sight and still is. Otto.

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