Let’s go up North!

Oh, I am so excited. In just a couple of days, I will be leaving up North to Scandinavia!

After discovering the South of Europe cruising through Greece and Italy for a couple of months, it is now time to explore long Northern nights and enjoy the festivities of typical Scandinavian Midsommar time.


I have this picture in my head of blondes with flowers in their hair dancing and singing around a tree pole. People drinking herbal schnaps and eating fresh potatoes with pickled herring, sour cream and spring onions – yum!

I know that traditionally, the days are spent outdoors because the sun literally doesn’t go down at night. We will see how Midsommar will be like on my way along the Baltic Sea.


I decided to start my trip to Scandinavia along the East Coast of Germany over to Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. From there, I will take the ferry from Tallinn to Stockholm by ferry overnight. In Sweden, my route will take me South down to Denmark and back to Germany.

The overall distance will be somewhere around 3.500 kilometers in about five weeks, which makes and average of 53 hours driving in total.

Check it out, here is my route planning in detail:

I carefully planned my trip through the North of Europe with the help of travel guides, books, internet infos and personal recommendations. Here is a book from Lonely Planet which I have found especially helpful.

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So, all there is left for you now is to lean back and enjoy my and Fiete’s upcoming travel adventures in Scandinavia. Please let me know if there are any recommendations you might have along the way. Stay tuned!