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How to open a Wine Bottle

Oh no…

As you might already know, I am a planner par excellence. When I started my roadtrip through Europe early March 2018, I even posted a checklist for everyone planning to go on a longer journey with a motorhome. However, I forgot to bring one of the most important items – a corkscrew. Oh no!

So, you start to become creative when you are sitting comfortably in your camping chair in Greece overlooking the Adriatic Sea at sunset. With a cold rose wine bottle in your fridge. Without a bottle opener…

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Wintercamping Experience

Why did I even camp in Winter?

When you think of camping, the first pictures popping up in your mind might be sea, beach, sun, long summer nights, yummy Barbecue and cold beers. And mosquitos maybe.

When I started to plan my Route through Europe, it was clear to me that I want to spend my time mostly in warm and sunny atmospheres exactly for these reasons. So I picked Greece as my first destination.  What I wasn’t really thinking about was that leaving in March involves crossing many countries, which are still in winter wonderland on the way South. Well, I know that now!

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Greek for Beginners

Get connected

Anytime I am travelling, I try to not only explore as much as possible being in a different country, I am also convinced that you should meet and connect to local people.

Actively approach them, get to know them, show honest interest, ask them about their culture, be open minded and always friendly. And do not expect them to approach you. You will have to make the first step. This includes trying to speak their language. Yes, it feels awkward because you are out of your comfort zone. Just get over it. I promise you, it is worth the experience.

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Croatia – my favorite Campsites


As Fiete and I were in Croatia in March 2018, we were not only discovering great new places such as islands & cities or the stunning National Park Plitvice Lakes, we also checked out some campsites along our route.

I am happy to share my experiences on all the campsites we have stayed at with you in case you are planning this or a similar trip along the beautiful coast of Croatia.

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Tolls in Greece

As you can see on my live map, I have been travelling from the Northern West coast of Greece through the inlands to Thessaloniki and Macedonia over tho Halkidiki and now Thessaly on may way to Athens.

I can tell you I am really surprised about the high tolls I had to pay already – overall more then 150 Euros. More reason for me to dig into the system of toll fees deeper and share my experiences of my research with you.

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Tolls in Croatia

As you can see on my live map, I have been travelling from Germany through Czech Republic and Slovenia over to the Croatian coast on my way to Greece.

Let me toll you more about the toll system in Croatia.

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Replace a mirror – do it yourself!

Shit happens…

Did you ever have to replace your RV mirror?! Well, I had to a couple of times already. Shit happens. And if it does you just have to deal with it.

To be exact, I had the pleasure with it three times in my camper life so far. One time I entirely lost my driver’s side mirror as another camper cut my lane on a narrow coastal street in Croatia.

Broken mirror in Croatia

I cannot even exactly replicate the other two incidences as I seemed to be hitting an overhanging street sign or tree on small streets and then damaged my passenger side mirrors. Scratches and lost turn signals were the result.

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Doing Laundry in a Motorhome

Somehow this question is one of the first to come up when I tell people that I am living full time in a motorhome. And that’s a good point. At home you have the comfort of doing your laundry whenever it is the best time for you. When camping you have to plan more and be more flexible if you don’t want to run around in dirty clothes. So let me tell you more about the options you have living on the road.

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Croatia – Plitvice Lakes National Park


Crossing Germany, Czech Republic and Austria on my way to Greece, I had a three week stay in Croatia – from island hopping to sightseeing in cities such as Zagreb and Dubrovnik.

Of course, I did not miss out on a short detour to the inlands on my way from Krk to Zadar to explore the famous Plitvice Lakes National Park.

Oh wow – what a beauty and a totally different world right in the middle of Europe. But let me tell you all about this very special place.

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Tolls in Slovenia

As you can see on my live map, I have been travelling from Germany, Austria, Czech Republic to Slovenia and Croatia on my way to Greece.

There is a vignette system in Slovenia if you are using the highways, which I am happy to share with you in case you are planning your next travel to this pretty country.

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