Route & Highlights

Slovenia might not be the country you would first pick to travel to if you looked at the map of places you should explore in Europe. I also discovered Slovenia not being my final travel destination, but as a go trough route on the way from Germany to Croatia. Such an unexpected surprise! Because this might be one of the most underestimated countries I have ever been to and it’s definitely worth a trip. Here is my route in detail:

Route in Slovenia

Landscape & Scenary

Oh wow – what a secret beauty Slovenia is. Ice blue glacial lakes, raging wild rivers, impressive waterfalls surrounded by plateaus and sharp-edged limestone peaks. All this makes this region so unique. A natural paradise of great beauty.

Slovenia is pretty small compared to other European countries. You can easily cruise the entire country in a week. But if you prefer less stress and milage pressure, I strongly suggest to take your time and plan in two or three days per stop because there is so much to discover.

Explore & Discover

Lake Blade

The town of Bled lies on the Eastern shore and is well worth a visit.

Lake Blade

Crystal clear and sapphire blue, the 2 kilomters long and up to 30 meters deep lake is located at 475 meters altitude. Just around the corner there is a boat rental so you can row to the Marieninsel located in the middle of the lake.

The Gothic Church is the most famous symbol of the island. Fiete and I walked up all 99 steps up to the church – a sporty but definitely worthy little workout.

Triglav National Park

The Vrsic pass between Kransjka Gora and Trenta might get pretty tight and pushed some sweat on my forehead, but the effort is worth it.

I think  this is the most beautiful mountain pass I have seen between the Alps and Adria – the Triglav National Park.

Vrsic Pass

About 7.000 kilmeters of marked trails with inns and shelter criss-cross the 858 square kilometer National Park. The park is named after the majestic Mount Triglav (2.863 meters). There is a breathtaking amount of wild flowers and herbs such as Julian poppy, chamois, and ibexes. Fiete and I loved it. So much nature in one single place.

Hiking atTriglav National Park Slovenia

Soca River

Around Trenta, Bovec, Kobarid and Tolmin rise majestic peaks. In the upper valley, numerous ravines run through the region, including the magical Tolminer Klamm, the southernmost access point to Triglav National Park.

Flowing Soca River – perfect for rafting

The 140-kilometer-long Soca, which rises below the Travnik in the Trenta Valley, flows over about 96 kilometers through Slovenia, before it flows into Italy in Monfalcone in the Gulf of Trieste.

Bridge across the Soca River

Rafting, kayaking, paragliding and bungee jumping is being offered. But you can also just sit at the shore and enjoy the ice cold and wonderfully blue river.

Pretty impressed Fiete

Turquoise Soca River

Brrr…ice cold water

Caves of Postonja

Even if you have already seen many caves: Don’t miss the ones of Postonja. It is close to the motorway, halfway between Ljubljana and the Adriatic Sea. With its surreal rock formations it is rightfully counted as a Unesco World Heritage today.

Savica Waterfall

The Savica waterfall falls spectacularly 51 meters down into a reservoir. Fiete and I walked from the hut Koca pri Savici in half an hour through the Savica gorge to the waterfall.


Impressive Waterfall

Fiete even went into the Waterfall for a refreshing swim in the crystal clear but cold water. Brave, brave Fiete.

Fiete swimming in the waterfall


I was so impressed by this beauty Slovenia and the breathtaking nature. People here are very openminded and friendly. Even though tourism hasn’t quite arrived in Slovenia yet, you can feel that locals appreciate you visiting and enjoying their country. It is a very safe country to travel. Fiete and I felt welcomed at any times, dogs are even allowed in restaurants. I would always come back to this unique impressive piece of earth.

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