As you can see on my live map, I have been travelling from Germany and Austria to Czech Republic on my way to Greece.

There is a vignette system in Czech Republic if you are using the highways, so let me explain to you how this works.

Where do you have to pay?

The toll is used by the country to expand and refinance its infrastructure. By 2020, the Czech Republic intends to extend the motorway network to 2.100 kilometers, a fourfold increase in 1989. This has to be paid. Today in form of tolls.

The most important traffic junction is Prague. From the capital, the highways go star-shaped and connect cities such as Liberec or Pilsen with Prague. The most important line is the D1 motorway (Dálnice 1), which construction started in 1939. It forms the backbone of the Czech infrastructure and will take you by car about 380 km from Prague via Brno to Wischau. This is were tolls apply which are being raised in form of vignettes.

The Vignette in the Czech Republic

Many motorists who are on their way to Prague are wondering who actually has to buy the vignette for the toll in the Czech Republic. Basically, this applies to all vehicles that have less than 3.5 tons gross vehicle weight.

Vignette in the Czech Republic

There are no vignettes for heavy vehicles like trucks. For all vehicles over 3.5 tonnes, the track-related electronic toll must be paid. For this purpose, an on-board unit, a transponder called “Premid” should be used. The costs per kilometer depend on the road category, the type of vehicle, the emission class, the number of axles as well as the day of the week or the time of day. Motorcycles run toll-free in Bohemia and Moravia.

How much is the Vignette?

Similar as in Austria, there is a vignette for 10-days vignette 310 CZK, a monthly for 440 CZK and an annual for 1.500 CZK. You can buy the vignettes online at large automobile clubs, gas stations, customs offices, travel agencies, post offices or in exchange offices. The vignette must be stuck from the inside to the vehicle’s windshield on the passenger’s side at the right bottom corner.