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Category: Campsites

Italy – my favorite campsites


After a wonderful time in Greece, Fiete and I took the ferry from Igoumenitsa to Bari in Italy. What an adventure! I was super nervous to get the motorhome on to the ferry, as I have heard nightmare stories about it from other campers. Ferries leaving hours late, unfriendly staff guiding vehicles in a rush, cramped spaces and excellent driving and parking skills needed.

For no reason! It was all easy as you can tell from my cheesy video on our  new YouTube channel:

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Greece – my favorite campsites


Today is our last day in Greece because we are taking the ferry from Igoumenitsa to Bari in Italy for more camping adventures on the other side of the Adriatic Sea. As Fiete and I were in this beautiful country for a couple of weeks in March and April 2018, we not only met wonderful people but also checked out a couple of campsites along our route. In case you are planning this or a similar itinerary, these are our top spots to stay and why.

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Wintercamping Experience

Why did I even camp in Winter?

When you think of camping, the first pictures popping up in your mind might be sea, beach, sun, long summer nights, yummy Barbecue and cold beers. And mosquitos maybe.

When I started to plan my Route through Europe, it was clear to me that I want to spend my time mostly in warm and sunny atmospheres exactly for these reasons. So I picked Greece as my first destination.  What I wasn’t really thinking about was that leaving in March involves crossing many countries, which are still in winter wonderland on the way South. Well, I know that now!

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Croatia – my favorite Campsites


As Fiete and I were in Croatia in March 2018, we were not only discovering great new places such as islands & cities or the stunning National Park Plitvice Lakes, we also checked out some campsites along our route.

I am happy to share my experiences on all the campsites we have stayed at with you in case you are planning this or a similar trip along the beautiful coast of Croatia.

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Greeks Rock!

German Planning and Greek Coolness

Even though I am not on the road yet, I just wanted to leave a short review on Greece as there will be more to come over the next couple of months. What I noticed is that – even right in the middle of planning my Route 2018 – Greek people seem to be extraordinarily friendly and helpful that it is worth a separate post:

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