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Category: Basics & Lists

Doing Laundry in a Motorhome

Somehow this question is one of the first to come up when I tell people that I am living full time in a motorhome. And that’s a good point. At home you have the comfort of doing your laundry whenever it is the best time for you. When camping you have to plan more and be more flexible if you don’t want to run around in dirty clothes. So let me tell you more about the options you have living on the road.

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Countdown & Final Last Checks

Only two more days!

Today is Sunday, March 4th 2018 and we have only two more days until we will leave on our Europe Trip. Two more days! Time has been running lately the closer we come to our leaving date, and I just realized how much there is still to organize and prepare. Here is the final countdown, so I am happy to share our latest checklists, new vehicle updates and also challenges over the last couple of days.

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Propane & Heater

Cooking, Heater & Hot Water 101

In this post, you will learn how to manage gas supply in your motorhome.

As standard set, RVs have mostly one, usually two bottles à 11 kg gas loaded. This gas heats up the boiler, operates the heating for air and water, the stove and cools down the fridge. Possibly, if available, the grill and the oven as well.

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Water & Waste

Shower, Toilet, Fresh & Waste Water 101

This section is for the ones who are not experienced RV campers but need information and are considering to explore this kind of travel. You might ask yourself how water supply management works on the road.

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Power & Electricity

Electric kettle, hairdryer & Mobile Phone 101

You don’t want to pass on your luxury items while camping? Then you need power supply for your electronic devices. How does that work?

My RV has just as most motorhomes two batteries for the main power supply. One in the driving and one in the living area. These get charged by either driving or when the motorhome is connected to external electricity. On campsites or parking spaces, there is usually power outlets where you can connect to.

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Useful Extras

Just like home…

Over time I made some useful investments into my vehicle which I would not want to miss out on. Besides Fiete of course. Here is my personal favorite extra list for living on the road and making the RV your second home.

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