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Change of Plans

I knew this would happen…

As you might know by now, I am sooo German – such a planner, organizer and change avoider. But being two months on the road now, and six weeks in Greece, I have to admit that a tiny part of my personal culture changed. I knew this would happen.

I got more relaxed and I started to realize that plans have to change if you want to make the best out of your travel adventure. And find your Happy Places…

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Time off for a new Start

Time off

You might wonder why I pulled the plug from my normal business life and started travellingĀ  in my motorhome through Europe? Well, me too. I have always worked hard, climbing up the career ladder, taking on more responsibilities, playing corporate politic games to founding my own company and trying to be more successful from year to year. For fifteen years straight.

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Dogs are better Managers

How it started…

My and Fiete’s paths crossed in 2013. It really wasn’t a good timing as I just started a new executive job at an American tech company. I worked at least 10 hours a day plus four or more business travel days per week. But I adopted Fiete anyway because even though the timing couldn’t have been more worse, I strongly felt this was the right thing to do. And he was so cute coming as a puppy from a shelter on Cyprus, so IĀ  simply couldn’t resist. Today, I know that this was not just a co-incidence or simply a rash act. It was meant to be.

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Just say Yes!

Imbalance in Business

Let’s face it. There are way more men than women in executive positions in the business world. Globally. Recent studies show that there are an estimated 20% women in upper management, whereas only 8% in executive boards and only 2 out of ten start-ups have been founded by female entrepreneurs. These numbers are devastating and simply not acceptable.

But where does this imbalance come from? And more importantly, how can we change it?

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